Furnace Installation in Corpus Christi, Texas

When you need a clean and efficient furnace installation with a satisfaction guarantee, contact us. We provide on-time service in Robstown, Portland, and other areas near Corpus Christi.

Furnaces remain one of the simplest yet most reliable HVAC options and a solid choice for most heating needs. If you want one installed for your home or need an old unit replaced, reach out to our experts at Triple A Air Conditioning & Heating.

We’re the leading furnace service team in Corpus Christi, TX, and surrounding cities. Our trusted technicians can install any brand of electric, gas, and oil furnace, and we offer the best warranties in the area for your peace of mind.

Dealing with a faulty unit or sudden breakdown? We provide free estimates on furnace repairs and tune-ups, so don’t hesitate to call today.

Know the Best Time To Get a Furnace Replacement in Nueces County

When should you replace an older unit? While every situation is unique, the average furnace lasts between 15 to 20 years. When yours exceeds this range and exhibits these warning signs, it might be time to consider an upgrade:

  • Unusually high energy bills: Your energy bills should remain consistent from month to month; if you observe a sudden jump in prices, the issue may be your furnace.
  • Poor heating:  An old furnace might fail to keep up with your current temperature needs. If you find yourself needing to crank the thermostat up too high, it could be time for a replacement.
  • Rising repair costs: Repairs can be expensive and only do so much for furnaces with excessive wear and tear. It could save you more money to get a new unit instead of maintaining an outdated one.
  • Frequent breakdowns: You can avoid the stress and discomfort of sudden heating failures by upgrading to a newer, more reliable model.

Contact us for an assessment if you feel uncertain about replacing your furnace. Our trained technicians can accurately evaluate its condition and advise you on the best course of action.

We Handle Every Furnace Installation With Care

If you plan on buying a new furnace but don’t have a specific unit in mind, our experts can help. We can assess your home’s size and current energy consumption before recommending the optimal model based on your needs and budget.

During the furnace installation process, our techs wear shoe covers and use work mats to ensure that your home remains spotless after the job. We also provide straightforward pricing, so you won’t have to worry about any surprises on your bill.

We also provide heat pump services in the South Texas Region if you prefer an alternative heating system. Reach out to us to learn more about your options today.

Your Trusted Furnace Contractor in the Greater Corpus Christi Area

The winters in this region can be unpredictable, but the right furnace can help your family stay comfortable. We understand that a new heating system is a significant investment, and we strive to provide our customers with installation services that exceed every expectation. As a family-owned and BBB-accredited company, we prioritize honesty and integrity in every job.

Do you want an electric furnace with a higher efficiency rating or a gas furnace that offers quiet operation? Contact us at Triple A Air Conditioning & Heating at 361-991-0967 to schedule your furnace installation in Corpus Christi, TX, or other surrounding communities.