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Air Purifier Installation in Corpus Christi

UV Air Sanitization System Installations in South Texas

A UV air purifier sterilizes or destroys pathogens in your home. It works well as a complement to your greater HVAC system. To find out how you can install one in your home, contact your Corpus Christi UV air purifier installation experts at Triple A Air Conditioning & Heating. We will get to work finding the right unit for your needs.

What Problems Are Solved With an Air Purifier?

Many homeowners don’t even know they are experiencing an indoor air quality issue. In many cases, the signs are subtle and you may not notice them, while for other people, the signs are glaring and they have trouble living a normal life without help from an air purifier. 

Some of the problems solved by an air sanitizing unit include:

  • Increased allergy symptoms in the home
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Exposure to respiratory infections
  • Excess dust in the home
  • And more

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What Makes Us the Best Choice?

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Common Questions About Air Purification Systems

How Do UV Air Sanitizers Work?

While traditional air purifiers can be effective at filtering our dirt, dust, and dander, UV air purification systems use ultra-violet light to neutralize bacteria, viruses, and other irritants which may be present in your air. By using the high-powered light, these systems can eliminate 99.9% of all bacteria which passes through them.

This makes them a great alternative for individuals who have severe allergies, have young children or elderly family members living with them, or who suffer from chronic illnesses that can be aggravated by unclean air.

How Long Should You Run an Air Purifier?

When a homeowner invests in an air purifier they have many questions. Some of the most often questions are about leaving the purifier running all night or the length of time an air purifier should be run. The ideal answer to these questions would be to run the air purifier 24/7, but that can be very costly. Typically air purifiers can and should be run during 12-hour periods. This allows enough time for the purifier to filter all the air within the home.

Think your Corpus Christi home can benefit from an air sanitizer?

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